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Crafted Strategies, Resourceful Solutions, and Inventive Design. Iperdesign is a digital branding agency dedicated to delivering strategic marketing and versatile digital solutions for dynamic industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and medical device organizations since 2000.

We unify smart, effective technology and beautiful design to produce remarkable digital solutions to reach patients, caregivers, nurses, physicians, health and wellness.

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Self-contained miracles of reach and productivity, there are more mobile devices on the planet than people. Humans are connecting and communicating, tracking and training, learning and healing, and pinning and purchasing on devices that fit in the palm of their hand.


Updated UI/UX For
An App to Track Multiple Myeloma


Where UI Meets Perception

There's no secret to an effective web presence. Iperdesign's custom web design development uses smart technology, timeless design, and optimized content to keep people engaged. Whether you're content is meant to inform, educate or manage, we have the insight and experience to deliver a well-positioned web presence that delivers an intuitive and mobile-friendly user experience.


Impax Epinephrine Auto Injector

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Where Branding Meets Experience

Brand. It's your most valuable equity: the opportunity to make your mark and voice your promise. Every engagement with your organization must make a statement that is authentically yours. We will guide you toward identifying your true brand - or help integrate a well-developed one.

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