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How COVID-19 Spreads

In times of uncertainty and confusion, it's important to really understand how Covid-19 acts and why social-distancing is so important. These short animations show more information on why it's important to listen to the warnings about isolation.

The video below shows how COVID-19 would act in a town of 200 people if left untreated and without quarantine. As you can see it passes quickly and everyone goes from health, to sickness, to recovery.

This video shows an attempt at a quarantine, slowing the spread of the virus. It's impossible to fully seal off the sick population as families do not want to be separated, people need to travel etc.

This video shows what would happen if three-quarters of the population adopt social-distancing while the other quarter continues to move as normal. The spread is not contained but is slower.

With extensive social distancing, a large percentage of the population doesn't get the virus at all meaning they don't have to recover. This will lessen the burden on health care systems and stop the economy from coming to a grinding halt. This is the reason why working from home is highly recommended if possible.

This information, along with the recordings of simulation videos, are based on this article from The Washington Post.