Meet Konnor

This week, Iperdesign has decided to feature another one of our amazing interns. Konnor is from Central Pennsylvania. He currently attends Penn State for Information Science and Technology. He says that he enjoys gaming, soccer and public transportation—those are the 3 things that make him smile.

Like Nayanika, we decided to ask Konnor a couple of questions, and here are his answers:

What’s your favorite 90’s jam?

I’m more into the early 2000’s like Indie.

Your favorite quote?

“Do it”- Senator Palpatine from Star Wars Episode 3 .

Mountains or the beach?


Favorite restaurant in Philly?

Pat’s Cheesesteaks.

Your favorite 3 things in life?

Comic book movies, food, art.

Say a word in Italian

Is benvenuto a word?

Your favorite part of working here?

The laid back environment.

What is the maximum amount of coffee you’ve had in a day?

Never had coffee.

Three people you could dine with, living or dead?

Chris Evans, my grandfather, and Guy Fieri.

Fill in the blank- if you really knew me, you’d know……

I’m an open book- if you ask me a question I’ll answer it! 

Do you have anything in common with Konnor? Let us know. And make sure you come back next week to get to know another team member!