Meet Nayanika


Nayanika is one of our summer 2018 interns. She was born and bred in New Delhi, India and is enrolled at the University of the Arts as a dance major with a minor in business. She is currently working in our social media department on Instagram and Facebook. If you can't find her here at Iperdesign, chances are she's shopping, working out or tanning by the pool.

We decided to ask her a few questions, and here's what she had to say:

What's your favorite 90's jam?

I grew up listening and dancing to Abba and Michael Jackson.

What's your favorite quote?

"I can't be the bigger person, I'm only 5'2"

Mountains or beach?


What's your favorite restaurant in Philly?

Parc by Rittenhouse.

What are your 3 favorite things in life?

Mean Girls, naps and my dog Nugget.

Say a word in Italian


What's your favorite part of working here?

My love for social media and writing.

What is the maximum amount of coffee you’ve had in a day?

About 3 cups.

Three people you could dine with, living or dead?

Khloe Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker, and my paternal grandfather who I never got to meet.

Fill in the blank- if you really knew me, you’d know……

I’m terrified of thunderstorms!!

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