Iperdesign Named A Top-Performing Company

Iperdesign is excited to share that we’ve made it on Clutch’s list of Top-Performing Business Services Companies in Philadelphia. The announcement came on June 5, and we wanted to share the news with everyone. We’ve made top ten in the categories of Web Designers, UX, Mobile App, Website Developers, iPhone Mobile App, Android Mobile App and WordPress. We're most excited to share that we were ranked number 1 in the Top Digital Design Firm category!

A Top B2B Leader

Along with making it onto the categories listed above, we were also featured in several websites and journals. These include Yahoo!, Business Insider, MarketWatch, and Seeking Alpha. Also, we've had the honor of being named a Top App Developer for 2016 and 2017 by Clutch. Although we are truly pleased with these achievements, we see this as a challenge. Iperdesign wants to continue being a leader, paving the way for other small firms and leaving our legacy in the B2B community.

Our Clients

At Iperdesign, we enjoy making positive connections with our clients. Although we're proud of our awards and achievements, we wouldn't have accomplished them without our clientele. So, we wanted to thank the companies we've worked with over the past years. One of our more current and ongoing partnerships we want to highlight is with Stampone Law. They ranked us 5 out of 5 stars across the board in the reviews:

"The people at Iperdesign ensured all of our needs and deadlines were met. They’re accessible by phone and email and willing to meet in person at our convenience. This is incredibly valuable in our profession where distractions arise daily."

Another client had to say this:

"Their creativity is remarkable. They’re true out-of-the-box thinkers, which is just what I was looking for."

Our Team

Additionally, we want to thank our team. Likewise to our clients, they have had a positive impact at our company. They put the same amount of effort into every client, making sure their requests are executed. So, Iperdesign wanted to emphasize the hard work and dedication our team puts into all project, too.