Apps For The Summer

The sun is shinning and the weather is warming up, so that can only mean one thing: Summer is coming! With summer right around the corner, people of all ages are gearing up to make the best of these next few months. Now, some might say that electronic devices prevents people from enjoying their surrounding. Although this is a common belief, phones can help enhance experiences. How? Apps, that's how! With these next few apps for your phone, your summer is set to be fun. After all, summer is supposed to be an enjoyable adventure.

Project Noah (iPhone & Android: Free)


This app will have you exploring the nature around you! Project Noah is an app that allows you to upload pictures of any organism that you find. It is heavily reliant on community efforts, allowing you to see what other people have captured on camera. This isn't just a "snap and upload" app, you'll be able to learn more about the plant, mammal or organism that you upload. Within the app, users will be able to earn badges, so this keeps them engaged. Users will also be involved in global research. How cool is that!

A Color Story (iPhone & Android: Free with In-App Purchases)


Are you looking for a cool photo-editing app? Well, A Color Story is for you. A Color Story will make your photos more vibrant. The app will amplify the bright and warm summer colors in your photos. In the app, you can apply and adjust filters. Along with this, you can crop and add effects. A Color Story is so popular that is has an almost-perfect rating on Apple's App Store, a 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Serial Box (iPhone: Free with In-App Purchases)


Are you an avid reader and lover of TV shows? Well then, you will LOVE Serial Box! So what does this app entail? Serial Box marries reading and TV shows. What you do is pick a serial from the list they provide and subscribe. Every week for about 10-16 weeks, you'll get a weekly "episode" to read, listen to or both. This is perfect if you're commuting to work, laying down at home or even relaxing on the beach.

QSun (iPhone & Android: Free)


Although summer is fun, we really want to avoid sunburns! You can do that with QSun. So what does the app do? It monitors your sun exposure, vitamin D levels and tells you how much sunscreen to apply. The app even analyzes your skin to give you personal tips for healthier skin. This app is great for anyone who is outside in the sun often, those who have skin conditions or sensitive skin, and anyone going to the beach.

Mixology Drink & Cocktail Recipe (iPhone & Android: Free)


With summer comes pool parties! This Mixology app is perfect for that occasion. You get recipes for thousands of different drink options, whether they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic. It is great if you want to try something new, surprise your guests or even practice your drink-making skills.

There are countless of apps out there for the summer, these are only five. Despite what people might say about phones preventing people from enjoying the summer, technology can actually enhance the experience. With these technologies growing and evolving, so can our experiences. Hope you all try these apps and enjoy the summer!

Image Sources: iTunes, Project Noah, Mixology, Serial Box, Pixabay
By Fernando Lopez