Education and Community Involvement – iperdesign’s Lasting Impact

From mountain biking to swimming leagues, iperdesign's community involvement stretches to more than just fun and sport. In fact, iperdesign places a lot of time and effort supporting education. More specifically; volunteering our services to La Scuola D'Italia Guglielmo Marconi, a New York based independent Italian-English bilingual school.


La Scuola

La Scuola d'Italia, named after Guglielmo Marconi, a 1909 Nobel Prize winner, teaches children from Pre-K to 12th grade. This exemplary education gives them the tools to unlock doors in their future. We are proud to be a part of it as sponsors and by offering our services.


Every year, iperdesign works on everything from collateral to advertisement for La Scuola Gala Benefit Dinner. Taking place in the spring, the Gala recently celebrated La Scuola's 40th anniversary. The invitations and reply cards we created for bring in more sponsorship to help the school raise more funds.  While sponsors and donators mingle and network, the students of La Scuola D'Italia benefit.



To help raise more positive attention to La Scuola, iperdesign designed and developed their website. Making it clean, easy to read and navigate, and inviting to parents and potential students alike. With a fully responsive website, any incoming student would have all the information they needed about La Scuola at their fingertips.



At iperdesign, we put our best effort into all our work, but pride ourselves most on what we give back to the community. With our company's Italian roots, we are happy to give to those who are continuing to educate and revitalize Italian culture and heritage.