Involvement in the Community – iperdesign Makes a Splash!

Sponsoring New Jersey mountain biking is not the only involvement iperdesign has in its community. In fact, we love swimming! Not only have we done volunteer work for the non-profit Plymouth Swim Club, but Eligio Sgaramella, iperdesign's founder, is a member on their board. What exactly does iperdesign's volunteering do? Read on to find out how we make a splash in the community:



First things first, we gave them a new look. We rebranded them to reflect their family values and the endless fun to be had there. A new logo and revitalization of their online presence was also in order. Crafting a minimalistic logo that could go on anything, it diverted the attention from the business and focused it toward the fun and great experiences to be had instead. After integrating the website with a new membership platform and optimizing the SEO, their new website was ready. With a fresh new look, the PSC and their members were looking forward to a brighter summer!


Continuing Excellence

Their stylish new website is not where our involvement ends. We maintain the Plymouth Swim Club Facebook presence and other advertising opportunities on social media. With our marketing support, PSC has been able to reach more people and offer them exercise opportunities and fun for the whole family. From beer gardens to yoga lessons, we make sure that members know about PSC's community-strengthening events when they come up.

We've also contributed a lot to PSC's swim team, the PSC Gators. Everything from sponsorship to creative merchandise and logo designs, we've got them covered. We've even done work for the Suburban Swim League that the PSC Gators are a part of. Check out our brilliant t-shirt designs made by our very own intern, Kelly Wooding for the SSL Swimming Championships.

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Go Gators!