iperdesign’s Community Involvement

While iperdesign works with local colleges to give students internship experience, their community involvement doesn't end there. Among several of non-profit projects and partnerships, iperdesign holds their association with mountain biking near and dear. Anthony Grove's, owner of iperdesign, passion for mountain biking and membership with JAR led to iperdesign's current advocacy.



The Jersey Action Riders, or JAR, is one of the biking groups that benefits from iperdesign. They are the Cherry Hill branch of the Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association (JORBA) while also an International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) affiliated club. A well established group that does everything from skill clinics, group rides, trail maintenance and more since 1997. Read more about them on Facebook.


The B-Team

We do more than just support, we also sponsor. iperdesign has it's very own mountain biking team: The iperdesign B-Team. It was first established in 2001 as a close-knit group of individuals who wanted to partake in 24 and 12 hour races and competitions. Whether solo or team races, iperdesign's B-Team has accomplished seven to eight 24 hours races, two 12 hour races, and countless endurance races that ranged from four to six hours. iperdesign is proud to sponsor our own team which embodies the persistence and strengths that we strive to reflect in our work.



How We Help

By doing pro-bono work for these teams, we advocate for them. From their trail creation, classes, and overall enjoyment; we lend our design expertise to further establish them in the community. Most recently, we have offered our skills to design jersey's for both JAR and B-Team. These aren't just any jerseys, but  multi-functional and wearable banners of pride. The one created for JAR incorporates a topographical map that includes all the trails made possible by their tireless efforts and their team colors. We made a uniform they are proud to wear.


But Wait - There's More!

This isn't where iperdesign stops at community involvement. Check back often to read more blog posts about how iperdesign continues to help it's neighbors.