Top 5 Most Useful Apps for the Summer

Since the popularity of smartphones exploded into the craze it is today, applications have become equally popular. Statista states that more than 1,000 apps are made a day. In the beginning, it took a whole year for Apple's App Store to reach 5,000 apps. With UI/UX and app design and development, its not always easy to create something that stands out amongst so many apps. Since the average user has 60-90 apps installed on their phones, its important to know what apps to keep and which to delete to keep storage space. Here are the top 5 most useful apps for the 2017 summer.



One of the biggest struggles of travel is the moment when the fun is over and you have to find the car. Busy beaches, confusing city streets, and unfamiliar places make this more of a hassle than it should be. With Spot Angels, you won't have to freak out in the wrong parking garage. The app can help you find parking faster, help locate your car, and even notify you of any street restrictions or cleaning that could give you a ticket. With a 98% accuracy and constant updates, the app is definitely a money saver for those who like to drive during their summer!



Regular photographs are so 2016. Why use just a photo, when you now can add words? I'm not talking about a typography-challenged snap on Snapchat or a description on an Instagram photo. I mean the best app out there for your summer adventures: Word Swag. Don't let the name deceive you, it's actually really cool! Just upload or take a photo and use many typographical templates and pre-loaded quotes, or write your own! The words are then displayed on top of the photo, edit at will, and soon you'll have captured your swim at the beach or get-together with old friends perfectly!

  • Platform: iOS and android
  • Price: $3.99 - $4.99



Have you ever wanted to rewatch a movie or bring it up in conversation, but forgot the title? You remember the weather on the day you saw it, but anything identifiable slips your mind. Well, you're in luck! With the new CineTrak app, you can record all of the films, television shows, and mini-series you've watched. The app can then suggest more to view based on your history and connects with popular rating websites like IMDb so you have it all in one app. The app also includes the trailers so you can watch the preview before committing to any film. Not to mention you can read reviews and see what movies are soon to be released. Really the only downside is that your friends and family can judge you one how fast you binge The Walking Dead.

  • Platform: android and coming soon to iOS
  • Price: Currently Free


Social Media

When friends scatter for the summer, sometimes it's hard to find fun ways to connect. Luckily there's a new app called Go Synco. It might just be the best app to keep you and your friends in touch over the summer break. You send a selfie to a customized group and they have five minutes to reply with a selfie of their own. Making your friend's jealous of your relaxing or adventurous vacation has never been easier! Once all the photos are collected, they are transformed into a collage of memories to save. Each with a selfie and description, its a great way to see what all your friends and family are up to.



We all know the dangers of texting or calling while driving, but sometimes the temptation is too strong. With the Mojo app, you can challenge yourself to be a safer driver with rewards every time you ignore the phone and focus on the road. Driving safely leads to points and points allow you to spin a wheel for gift cards. You can challenge friends to become the safest driver and know who needs encouragement. Just another way to stay safe and earn perks while enjoying your summer road trips and vacations.