SEO Optimization

How to Get the Best SEO Optimization

If you have a website and are about to embark on a SEO strategy, it is assumed that this is a complex and long business. But if you want to dedicate the right amount of time and resources, through SEO optimization, you will achieve positive results both in terms of Visibility and return on investment (ROI).

For WordPress, we use the tool Yoast, a service that will allow you to understand the strategy of SEO activity.

Let's start from the basics: How does SEO optimization work?

This article can finally clarify ideas about how the Search Engine Optimization strategy works. Our step-by-step guide will help you understand how to scale Google's ranking of organic results. First of all, when we talk about SEO optimization, we refer to two fundamental categories:



When we talk about ON-PAGE SEO, we mean all the techniques related to the "Content" section. We divide them into:

Optimization of the text including Title, MetaTags and Content

Image Optimization

User-Friendly Site

It means making your site readable with useful content for users. Whatever your intent is, information is the key strategy to intercept your potential customers.

Using Keywords

It is important to quote keywords multiple times in your content (without abusing them)!

When we talk about OFF-PAGE SEO, we mean placing your website on the search engine through other "external" expedients such as:

Link Building to Your Site

Link Building refers to all those external links that relate to other websites, offering reliability for the users.

Ranking Page

The reliability of an Internet site and its quality must come from sources considered relevant. From here, Google will calculate the page rank through a score (0-10), which will determine its importance.

Social Network

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

What determines the correct positioning of websites?

A high rank for websites is given by a number of factors:

Linear content

Google, thanks to the algorithms, examines the "text" on the page and will choose only those results that enclose those words. That's why choosing keywords is one of the most important factors in SEO.

External links

The search engine takes into account all those links that are linked to a specific page, so Google identifies which links will be evaluated positively by users.

Validity of the website

If your site is up to date and contains quality external links, your score will surely rank high on the Google page.

Website creativity

An excellent positioning is also determined by the originality factor. It is no accident we recommend avoiding repetitive content or copying from other sites.

Correct code management

Any HTML, CSS, and Java language on your website should not contain any errors or be sluggish.


Content related to your site's layout, such as banners and images, helps to raise your ranking score on Google.

Web page upload time

The last but not least, is the speed of your website. An element not to be underestimated for those who want to engage in SEO activity. In fact, a maximum loading time of thirty seconds was calculated. If one of your users has to wait for several pages to open, they will decide to abandon your site, causing the so-called Bounce Rate. Thanks to the Google Analytics platform, you can calculate this abandonment index so that you can directly address it.

By concluding our article we would like to remind you that optimization is actually a very long process and this article is just an introduction.

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