The Rise of Video in Marketing

On your social media feed you may have noticed a flood of video content from ads to live footage. With 72% of the US population owning smartphones, it's no wonder video advertising has become popular. Our thirst for entertainment and visual storytelling has led to a new kind of revolution. With the rise of video in marketing, advertising is becoming revolutionized for a new generation.


image courtesy of howtostartablogonline.net 

Social Media

Facebook and other social media sites have surpassed YouTube in daily video streams. This sets up social media as the best way to reach a larger audience. Cisco predicts that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be streaming video. With quick, flashy videos, marketing can reach younger audiences with incredible results. Adweek mentions that 76% of businesses who used video in 2016 reported a direct business impact.  Soon enough, businesses that don't jump on this band wagon will be left behind. However, video marketing is not something for everyone. It can be tricky to grab the attention of viewers when 60% of them will stop watching after only two minutes. You have to go into this with a plan and we're here to help.


What's Best?

When you think video streaming, what do you think of? YouTube, right? Youtube was huge when it first became a sensation, but now it's not doing so hot. Since December 2015, YouTube views have dropped 28% and have had difficulty regaining any growth. With their competitors Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter embracing video there are more popular niches to market to in creative ways. Since video marketing became popular in September of 2015, there was a 622% increase in video ads in just five months. Social media is the new wingman for your marketing ads since it acts like a more accepted television commercial, breaking up their feed with a short advertisement with flair. With Facebook's autoplay, something consumers would have previously passed up, might make them pause if in the 5 seconds before they scroll they become interested.


How to Get Started

This all sounds like a marketing dream, but what's the catch? You will be competing with companies who have the same desire to reach a larger audience. Hubspot has a great infographic that can help with making those marketing dreams come true including helpful statistics. Forbes also acknowledges the importance of video marketing in this technological age and created an informative step-by-step plan to help you join the video revolution. There are always potential drawbacks, debated in this AdAge article, which concludes failure boils down to lack of creative diversity. If creativity is your biggest worry, you can hire a digital branding agency, like iperdesign, to do the heavy lifting and creative behind-the-scenes for you. Knowing how to target your audience is our area of expertise and creating appealing designs is our specialty. Let a professional do the work while you keep your focus on your expanding brand.