Internships, Co-op, and iperdesign

Partnering with several universities from Rutgers to Temple, iperdesign always has a selection of skilled and passionate students looking for an unparalleled experience. Their hard work creates the quality results our clients look for. The majority of our interns come from the Drexel University Co-op Internship program.  They earn college credit during their two-term (or 22 week) internship here at iperdesign, but they leave with invaluable work experience and a network of professionals in their industry.

Internship positions include: graphic design, UX/UI design, web design, copywriter, and social media/blogger. Each intern receives mentorship from Eligio Sgaramella and Anthony Groves in their areas of expertise. While you may think interns just do the grunt work, here at iperdesign they receive a place at the discussion table and are included in meetings with clients. Interns are more than just part of the team, they are iperdesign.

Intern Projects

Along with regular work, interns are encouraged to create their own project together with supervision. From apps to websites, interns have taken up the challenge of a collective independent project with zeal. Their creativity thrives and the interns have something to claim as their own when they leave. Here are some of the projects from previous interns:

AmeSLan Intern Landing Site

AmeSLan - Spring/Summer 2017

With progress in incorporating deaf culture with the hearing, there is still a long way to go before those communication barriers are gone. AmeSLan, an app inspired by our half-deaf graphic design intern, Kelly Wooding, became a real prototype. The interactive game app makes learning language fun, but also includes a dictionary for those quick look-ups when you're forgetful. Behind the scenes of this beautiful app were Hannah Strayline, Kishan PatelBeverly Peders, and Victor Liu. You can check out the prototype or the landing page or both! You may even see this app developed in the future!

FestReady Intern Project

FestReady - Spring/Summer 2017

Summer time is full of so many great music festivals, it might be hard to find the right one for you. Here at iperdesign, we created a prototype website for all your concert and festival planning needs: FestReady! With it's gorgeous interactive interface, you may find yourself feeling like part of the festival community already! Each festival has everything you might need at your fingertips from ticket prices to number of bathrooms. Designed and illustrated by Xiaochang Liu and Sarah Apollo with programmers Kishan Patel and Victor Liu and copywriter Beverly Peders. Everything you need to plan that incredible musical experience is just a mouse-click away (best in full screen).

Oreo Cookie Fun Club

Oreo Fun Club - Fall/Winter 2016

It might be milk's favorite cookie, but is it yours? It was the inspiration for Drexel's William Brown, Constantine Ziogas, and Pamela Chuang's website project: Oreo Fun Club. The fun and exciting website is so cool, you will have to turn up your volume to fully experience it. With more than twenty interesting flavors of Oreos, iperdesign's interns rated them and placed them on their own unique timeline from the Original to Blueberry Pie. Web design has never been so mouthwatering

Laffable Intern Project

Laffable - Spring/Summer 2016

Benjamin Feldman from Drexel created Laffable, an interactive website to rate and discuss favorite comedians and stand-up acts. With it's five "HA" rating, humorously misspelled name, and interesting developer bio; the site definitely is the place for those who enjoy comedy.

 Check in for more projects as they develop!