Top Five Best Logo Redesigns

As companies become bigger names, their products become better advertisement than billboards. Therefore, they want to be sure they are sending the right message. The best way to do that is through a logo redesign. Once they improve their standard, companies make sure it reflects in their image. More commonly, they may want to make it more compatible with mobile devices. Either way, many companies constantly make courageous leaps in adjusting their identity. Here are our favorites:


5. Kodak

Kodak changed their logos five times since their company began in 1907. They made their most recent design after an eleven year gap. Kodak's 2006 logo consisted of the company's name written and underlined in their traditional warm red and orange. In 2017, the camera company returned to their well-known icon from 1971, created by Work-Order. The only difference is the company name is in all-caps and stacked. The intent is for the logo to be read first making the name the supporting mark. After their redesign in 2006, they noticed that the former logo was more popular. Perhaps even more famous than the name ‘Kodak’ itself.


4. Morton Salt

One logo that is a time machine through years of illustration is the Morton Salt Girl. The idea came about to use the proverb, “When it rains, it pours” in their slogan in 1914 and the blue Shirley Temple-esque girl with an umbrella made it famous. She went through several updates in 1921, 1933, 1941, 1956, 1968, and in 2014 when she celebrated her 100th year as the face of Morton Salt. Her clothing style and appearance change with each era’s ideals. With their most recent, they kept the main design, but lightened it with the removal of the harsh outline. Even through many redesigns, the Morton Salt Girl is recognizable and relatable to customers while still honoring the tradition of the past.


3. Wendy’s

Wendy’s outdated logo from 1983 had more than a few flaws in this new minimalist age. It had mismatched curves, two tag lines, an older-style illustrated Wendy, and a complex frame. In the new logo from 2013, Wendy breaks the oval frame to make her more prominent and dynamic. She is coupled with a softer font and brighter colors. The less cluttered logo promotes a friendlier and modern look as well as cleaner to be more inviting to customers.


2. Netflix

Starting out as a new company in 1997, Netflix has gone through a few logo redesigns during its meteoritic rise. It went from a heavy drop shadow that evoked the feeling of movie theaters. The red background alluded to the iconic envelopes from their original mailing service. Once online, they switched to a simpler red text on white background. In 2016, Netflix designed a dramatic new icon for the mobile app, but kept the red-on-white logo. You can see it at the beginning of an Netflix Original Series. It learned from Instagram’s icon mishap to keep it simple without separating itself from the brand or becoming unrecognizable.


1. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS) was created in 1927 as an honorary membership organization that dedicates itself to the advancement of the arts and sciences in film. You may just recognize them as the organization that hosts the Oscars every year. With the broadcasting of the Oscars becoming more and more attainable globally, they decided to redesign in 2013. From a word-heavy and circular logo, the Academy released a new multi-purpose logo. It forms an “A” for Academy as well as a spotlight on the Oscar statue that the lucky few walk away with as an award. After relying mostly on the words, the new logo became an icon that easily stands alone and becomes as recognizable as the awards themselves.