We Made the List! – Clutch’s Top Web Design Firms

Clutch – a Washington, DC-based B2B research firm – has named iperdesign as one of the Top Philadelphia Web Design Firms of 2016. We were noted for having outstanding records of client satisfaction and having the ability to deliver world-class results. The news has also traveled to websites like Prnewswire and Yahoo! Finance.

We are humbly flattered to receive such an honor, and wish to thank Clutch for including us. The list was composed of an analysis of the company's experience, client list, industry recognition, client reviews, market presence, and more.

One of our clients, Health Engagement Organization, left a gracious written reference for us on the Clutch website. The marketing director of the company said, "Having worked with other design firms and web agencies, I can appreciate Iperdesign's thoroughness. They do a good job of outlining project scopes and sticking to them. They have an innovative approach and they challenge our ideas. Sometimes, we push back on them, which is overall better than having a boring process...They don't act like a vendor, but rather like a partner."

With all our clients in Philadelphia, New York, Italy, or otherwise, we always want to bring a sincere and thorough approach to providing them with the best products and designs that they truly desire, and that is accomplished by having a strong and close relationships. Without this connection, customers and clients sometimes lose out on what they really want from a product, and we are proud to say that the heart of our work is our customer and their needs above all else.

This announcement has actually come at such a great time, since on March 19th, 2016 we will be celebrating our 16th year anniversary in business. If anything, this recognition has demonstrated the impact of our company and our hard work into something tangible.

We would also like to take this time to acknowledge the iperdesign team – past and present. iperdesign has also always been very fortunate to employ such hardworking, versatile, and reliable people. Without them, the flow of creativity and innovation that we infiltrate into each of our projects would be sufficiently lacking.