Pokemon Go in decline. An evolution is needed.

This last summer will be remembered as one of the most revolutionary periods in videogame history. The launching of Pokémon Go created an unseen success for an augmented reality game. Hours after its release adults, teenagers, and little kids were walking up and down streets catching Pokémon with their cellphones. But the frenzy for Pokémon Go came to an end this last August. Now it has become more and more unusual to see people on the streets playing the game. Numbers have confirmed the thoughts of many people; Pokémon Go is indeed passing through a crisis.

What is surprising about the decline of Pokémon Go is that according to data from Axiom Capital Management the decline in the numbers of active users began in mid July. Pokémon go reached its peak in active users that month with 45 million. However data shows that in September. The last number of active users in August was 30 million users according to Bloomberg. The site also made the statement that the number of active users is expected to keep its downward path.

A number of gaming and tech websites have listed the reasons Pokémon Go popularity is going to the ground. iTech Post cites that two of the main problems of the app are the technical difficulty the game presents and its gameplay. Pokémon Go is a game that presents a number of glitches. Sometimes the app takes an unusual amount of time to start, it tends to crash, and it tends to have problems with the GPS. Users in reddit and other social media describe the gameplay as repetitive and boring. The British website iNews wrote an article about how users feel that to be good in this game “you have to put real effort into it”. You cannot be good in Pokémon go if you want to play 1 or 2 hours a day, and this is not a game you can play at home, you have to go out and walk looking out for Pokémons and gyms. Some people find it simply impossible to do this everyday.

There is still hope for the game. Websites like Popsci and Fortune have enlisted some features that would improve the game. Things like battles against other users, Pokémon trading, reduce battery usage, and new game objectives could bring those once active users.