Facebook is Taking Over the World

When we joined Facebook back in the early days of the social network, we never would have thought it would have expanded into the powerhouse that they are today. If anything, we thought they would have dried out like Myspace did, but, instead, they seem to be taking over the world – at least the digital part.

We’ll admit, around 2010 or 2011, a lot of users seemed to stray away from Facebook for other social media sites (at least millennials who noticed their parents joining). Facebook just wasn’t the cool thing anymore and their content was becoming stale.

But in 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram – an app that was honing in on their photo-sharing niche. With Instagram bought, users could share their photos (albeit, now with cool filters) on Facebook. This also gave Instagram users’ photos more exposure to more friends and family that might not have had Instagram accounts.

The Instagram deal, we believe, revived Facebook in a way – it combined a new interest with an old one and they blended pretty well. And with this revival and its positive outcome, it seems that Facebook has been trying its best to dip their toes into all the biggest digital trends, if not perfecting the concepts.

For example, with video now becoming a very popular format across social media sites, Facebook have encouraged their users to upload and share videos. This has earned the website more than eight billion video views a day. Coinciding with this, Facebook started a revenue-sharing program in the hopes that creators will to upload to their site rather than competitors like YouTube. This has prompted bands like OK GO to release their newest music videos exclusively on Facebook.

Even more recently, Facebook released “Live Video.” It is a feature that was made for their mobile users to live-broadcast with their Facebook friends, rivaling the likes of Periscope and Meerkat by doing so.

Facebook has also decided to provide a feature called “Sports Stadium,” in hopes to keep users talking and interacting with sports games on their site instead of on their competitor’s, Twitter, who is known for these type of conversations.

The social networking site has even been trying to give free Internet connection to areas in the world where the Internet is limited, such as with their satellites for Africa and the app Free Basics (though that didn’t go over too well in India…).

By the looks of it, Facebook is trying to be the only social network you’ll ever need. And supplemented with news like Mark Zuckerberg is the 4th richest person on the planet and that Facebook is the 4th most valuable company in the world, they might succeed in doing just that in the future.