Buzziest (iOS) Apps – February 2016

February is now over for another year, so let’s now reflect on a couple of the apps that created a buzz.

(FREE) Fetch!:


Created by Microsoft, Fetch! is supposed to help identify dog breeds with image recognition. The user either uploads a picture they already have or takes a picture right on the spot, and the app analyzes it and provides the user with a match percentage for the breed that the app thinks the pictured dog is.

However, the buzz over this app came more from people inserting their own pictures into the app than their dogs to see what breed they supposedly look like.

Obviously this app is not perfect. Fetch! still has difficulties differentiating between certain breeds, especially mutts. And unless you’re constantly surrounded by dogs, you probably won’t get much use out of this app. But if you were always wondering what kind of dog you look like, now’s your chance!



If you use Snapchat, you are probably aware of the humorous and fun filters they provide. Well, MSQRD (short for masquerade) is like a whole app worth of Snapchat filters. With the app, you can take pictures or videos of yourself with the filters and easily share them.

Some of the filters are a Minnie Mouse bow on your head, underwater, and a tiger. They also have a few filters with famous figures, like Leonardo Dicaprio, Harry Potter, Robert Downy Jr, and a couple more. And the best part about it – it’s all free!

So, especially if you’re a fan of Snapchat’s filters, you should give this app a try! It’s sure to be fun for you and the people you share your pictures with.

(FREE) Quartz:


Quartz is a news app. But why would a news app create a buzz? Because Quartz has created a news app unlike the rest. Instead of just reading the news, you instead interact with the app as if you were texting a friend.

Headlines are prompted to you in a conversational manner, where you are then given the option to learn more about it or go on to the next topic. If you want to know more, the app gives you the cliff-note version of the story. If you want to read even more in-depth about a story, you can do that too by pressing the small arrow next to Quartz’s “text”.

This seems to be a good app for people who want to stay in the known without reading very lengthy articles. It is also very entertaining – the app jokes and uses gifs. We are only bummed that we can’t actually text the responses, but it is still an interesting app to try nevertheless.