When To Redesign a Logo?

Within the last week, quite a few companies redesigned their logos – from CBS Sports to the slightly controversial redesign of Uber. So, why companies and brands choose to redesign their logos, especially when their old ones seem to be doing just fine.

Redesigning logos are a natural step to take after time has passed and trends have changed. Companies and brands should always want to keep up with the present not only internally, but outwardly as well – with their logo. Companies that fail to appear up-to-date tend to come across to the public as unreliable and/or outdated.

This was the case for CBS Sports. They hadn’t changed their logo since 1981, so it was in a desperate need for a makeover to join the modern world. One look at their old design and you might not have taken the company seriously if they weren’t so established.


As stated in this article by EleventyGroup, companies should also think about redesigning their logos when it no longer represents their evolution as a company. If a logo shows no progression, it looks like the company hasn’t developed either.

This is what, I think, was Uber’s reasoning behind making a new logo. Uber has developed exponentially since their app was released back into 2009, and their logo was never anything exciting to begin with. So, a logo revamp made a lot of sense. However with what they presented, while definitely more eye-catching, I think failed to relate appropriately back to the source. As said by a user who commented on an UnderConsideration article, “if you need to explain your logo, then it should’nt be your new logo.”


Another reason to want to redesign a logo is when a lot of the company’s competitors are, Intechnic said in this article. And while its not always best to follow the crowd, companies shouldn’t be the one that looks left behind, thus inferior.

Lastly, a company might want to redesign their logo or need variations of it so it will fit within social media parameters – such as for profile pictures. As stated above, it is important to stay current, and social media is a big way to attract consumers. So, if you logo looks awkward or tight in the profile image, it might make users think poorly of your company as a result.