Buzziest (iOS) Apps – January 2016

With January now over, lets take a look at some iOS apps that created a buzz last month.

(FREE) Peach:


In early January 2016, Peach, a new social network, arrived on the scene. Many were downloading it and creating profiles. A main feature of this app is 'magic words,' where by typing simple words you could post certain information. For example, a user could type a word like 'here' and the app would ask you if you wanted to share your location with you followers. There was a feature that allowed you to view and add friends of friends, thus providing you a way to widen your circle.

Having used this app, I can see some of the appeal. Being able to pick through GIFs to post or draw a picture on your feed are fun. However, if can get boring when your friends aren't on the app and you have almost no one to share these things with.

As for right now, the app seems to be on the decline with most people already giving up on it. But this did not stop Peach from releasing a web version of the app. You can check that out here: peachwww.com

($.99) Face Swap Live:

Face Swap Live allows you to swap face with you friends, family and celebrities in real time! You can preform thee face swaps when these people are present or with just a pictures from either internet or your phone. You can then snap a picture or make a video to then later share via text or social media.

This app was released to the app store over a month ago, but it is still going strong - if not stronger in the month of January. It is currently #1 under paid app in the iTunes app store.



In the beginning of January, Stolen surfaced onto the app scene. The concept of the app was for people to essentially 'buy' profiles of Twitter profiles in a trading-card type of manner. For example, say I were to 'buy' Selena Gomez's profile. I technically own it, but instead of saying her profile is bought, the value the profile can be bought for merely goes up. If you have enough money, you could then 'steal' that profile for yourself. And with the exclusivity, of the app (you had to be invited to play) and the cat-and-mouse aspect, it is unsurprising how the app created such frenzy so quickly.

Although the app was all in good fun, many people were not pleased with the app. If you take a moment to look over Stolen's Twitter feed, you will notice that a lot of their tweets are responses to people asking to be opted out of the app. The main concerns were privacy issues and how it enabled abuse.

On January 14th, Stolen tweeted a statement saying, "we've heard everyone's concerns and decided the best thing to do is shut it down." So, unfortunately, one of January's buzziest apps is no longer in the app store to download.