Top 10 shopping apps for the holidays

With the holiday shopping season about to enter full swing, there is never an excuse for paying more than you have to.

These apps will help you find deals, compare prices, and often save you money on gas as you do the shopping right from your phone.


10. ShopAdvisor
Available on Android and Apple iOS

Keeping track of sales can be hard, but keeping up with everyday prices is almost impossible. This app will watch price changes on items you're interested in and alert you when a retailer – online or in-store – hits a price you're willing to pay.

9. Ebay
Available on Android and Apple iOS

There are plenty of things that just aren't worth what retailers charge. Ebay has come a long way since its beginnings. Payments are safe, transactions are protected, and auctions are more plentiful than ever.

edited2.18. Wish
Available on Android and Apple iOS

Wish offers a ton of great items at prices way lower than they would be in stores. While their selection is mostly clothing and accessories, user reviews say the items last much longer than similarly priced off-brand products.

7. Favado
Available on Android on Apple iOS

No more assuming your favorite grocery store has the best on everything. Favado lets you compare grocery store prices, find sales, and find coupons on the items you know you need.

6. Pounce
Available on Android and Apple iOS

Have you ever seen something, loved it, but could never find it online? With Pounce you can take a picture of it and find matches all over the internet, ending all that fruitless searching.

edited3.15. Etsy
Available on Android and Apple iOS

Sometimes you just can't beat a product that's hand-made. Etsy provides a convenient way to shop small shops and buy one-of-a-kind items.

4. Retale
Available on Android and Apple iOS

Online deals are great, but in-store deals can give you some bang for your buck as well. Now you never have to scavage through Target's website to find their weekly ad, because Retale puts all those ads in one place.

3. Redlaser
Available on Android and Apple iOS

Compare prices or find deals via search or by scanning a barcode. Redlaser is the best app for making sure you're not over-paying.


2. Shopkick
Available on Android and Apple iOS

Shopkick does it all and then some. Compare prices, find deals, and, most importantly, collect rewards. You can earn gift cards and other rewards from Shopkick just by walking into a store or scanning an item.

1. Amazon

Available on Android and Apple iOS

Amazon is the king of online shopping, there isn't much else to say. You can usually bet their's is the lowest price around, two-day shipping is free with an Amazon Prime membership, and the app is a pleasure to use.