Top brands have increased YouTube spending by 60%

A new report from Google shows that the world's biggest brands are investing a lot more in their YouTube channels.

According to the report, the world's top brands, as defined by Interbrand's 2014 Best Global Brands, have increased their YouTube media spend by 60 percent year over year.

Some of these brands include Apple, Google, IBM, and Coca-Cola.

The report cited a YouTube analytic release to explain why brands may be choosing to spend more and more on YouTube videos. According to the report, YouTube “watch time is up 60 percent across devices, and 100 percent on mobile year over year.”


Another explanation offered by the report is that YouTube allows brands to reach any number of demographics and build a relationship with consumers.

Channel subscriptions to major brands are up 47 percent since last year, with the top brands' videos being viewed a collective 40 billion times in total.

Like some of the most successful full-time YouTubers, brands are now relying on a system in which they upload content on a regular, often scheduled, basis. Collectively, top brands are uploading a new video every 18.5 minutes, according to the report.

Thursday is the most popular day for uploads, according to Google.

Perhaps the most telling reason why brands are changing their strategy is the habits of the young, millennial generation. offshore centre According to a study conducted by BAVC Consulting and YouTube Marketing, YouTube was the preferred video platform by participants aged 18-34.

YouTube offers brands a unique opportunity to reach their consumers with video content that is completely different than the commercials produced for television. Many of the videos posted to these channels are made specifically for YouTube.

Last year 10 percent of the videos uploaded by the top 100 brands were longer than 10 minutes, according to Google's study.

Comparatively, the average television commercial is between just 15 and 30 seconds.