Iperdesign creates website and platform for ItaliaCamp

ItaliaCamp.com is now live!

ItaliaCamp promotes social innovation through the development and implementation of ideas which represent concrete answers to real questions. The association connects institutions, businesses and citizens thanks to an innovative model of civic participation, which takes full advantage of new technologies and cutting-edge tools. ItaliaCamp relies on the collaboration of numerous entrepreneurial, social, and academic institutions.

Iperdesign is responsible for bringing ItaliaCamp to the web with a unique design and user-friendly platform that gives users the ability to create their own "microsites". Users can easily create their sites thanks to the custom-built content management system described below. Thanks to Iperdesign's strategy and implementation, the site, platform, and their features have the ability to continue to grow and improve over time.

Each of the links on the homepage of ItaliaCamp.com leads to a microsite. These microsites are developed with a site builder that allows complete customization of the User Interface (UI). The user can draw and publish their mini website with roughly 30 additional components, allowing them to adapt the structure to any type of content, creating a totally customized design and experience.

This tool is designed for the search of specific ideas, and is managed by a tag cloud. Each idea is represented through a masonry layout with infinite scrolling, and is displayed to users through animated cards. These are only the first of the platform's capabilities. In the coming months there will be other releases, so stay tuned for all the latest news!