Facebook redesigns logo for mobile

You probably didn't notice, but last week Facebook unveiled a new logo.

Well, not so much new as it is improved.

The updated logo features the same white text backed by a blue background, but totes thinner letters and a rounder, shorter “a”.

These changes may seem trivial, but Facebook is no stranger to making hard-to-spot, minor changes.


In 2013, Facebook changed their familiar “f logo” so that the “f” bled through the blue box that framed it, instead of floating above a thin blue line.

But is there any reason for these seemingly meaningless redesigns?

In 2013, the logo change was the first step for the company to redesign all of the icons for the various pages available on the platform. Shortly after the "f logo" was changed, so were the icons for the pages like "sports", "universities", and "politics", giving Facebook a much-needed, consistent look.

This time, it all revolves around mobile.

Facebook's new logo is slimmer and fits better on mobile devices, which is where the company has been focusing all of its effort for future projects. According to CNET, 85 percent of people who log into Facebook in a given month do so from a mobile device, giving the company good reason to further optimize the platform, and design, for phones and tablets.

Curiously however, on July 7, Facebook released a new feature that allows users to detach videos from their feed and have them stay on screen as the user scrolls. As of now the feature is not available on mobile devices. It's surprising that just one week after redesigning the logo for mobile, the company would put out a new feature exclusively for desktops.