Best and Worst of 2014: Tech, Apps, & Brands



2014 marked the year of the iPhone 6, new gens of the iPad mini, and the announcement of the apple watch.


Android Lollipop release, new nexus devices, and was even named one of the best companies to work for in 2014.


They stepped up their game in 2014 by introducing lots of new games and peripherals such as the amiibos. Nintendo even won developer of the year, a sign that they are finally being 'taken seriously' in the console world.


Kindle paper white, amazon tv, fire phone, and one of the fastest growing companies in the world.


This app now has 300 million users - more than twitter!


This is one of the most popular apps and has significantly built its brand by becoming a 'network' in its own right with its own produced shows like OITNB and House of Cards


As one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Disney is even more of an entertainment powerhouse with the rights to Marvel and Lucasfilm


This app is rapidly becoming one of the most popular social platforms for iOS and android


The Sony Hack:

This event seems to get worse by the day. The takeaway lesson for other companies - don't save all your passwords in a folder named 'passwords'.

Facebook messenger app:

This app has annoying portraits you had to flick around on your phone home screen, had to flip back and forth between messenger and the actual Facebook app, which was unnecessary. If you uninstall, you can't look at your messages on the mobile app without the separate messenger app (still waiting for an opt-out feature.)


This was another social media platform that failed to catch on and quickly fizzled in comparison to the growing platforms like instagram and twitter

iOS8 launch:

Even though apple as a whole made the best list, most iPhone users can agree that the release of iOS8 was premature due to its bugs and annoyances

Ebay hack:

This event prompted ebay users to change their passwords--2 to 3 months after hackers had stolen sensitive information

I Am Important App:

Yes, this app is real. If you don't feel enough self-importance through your social media outlets, get this app. 'I am important' is a fake organizer to input fake contacts and events - you know, just in case someone you want to impress happens to be looking over your shoulder...

Will You Marry Me App:

Yes, this is also, unfortunately, real. This needs no explanation other than the fact that it appears some poor souls thought they'd use this app to ask that important question.