Spotlight on: Blackphone

The Blackphone, developed by SGP Technologies, is a privacy-oriented mobile device for business or personal use. Although this device was released in March 2014, surprisingly little has been publicized about it given growing concerns of personal information breaches and identify theft. The Blackphone is the only consumer mobile device developed specifically for those who wish their privacy and personal information protected above all else. This goal is achieved through the Android-built "PrivatOS", a maximum security version of Android's KitKat.
These maximum security settings, however, left Blackphone users with only the device's default apps. The solution? A private app store launching in early 2015.
Using Graphite Software, Blackphone users will soon have access to "Silent Space" which will feature privacy-conscious third party apps. "Silent Space" will be the only privacy-oriented app store in the world, putting it and the Blackphone at the forefront of security in mobile technology.
Would you use a Blackphone?
Perhaps the everyday person wouldn't be too interested in this device and its features, but the Blackphone would definitely be practical for business purposes, or for those who are privy to sensitive information.
Time will tell if Google Play or the iTunes Store will take note and revise their security and privacy settings.