The Embodiment of Social Media

How would you define each social media outlet? Is Facebook for "over-sharers", is Twitter for those with short attention spans? LinkedIn is a place for professionalism, while Instagram is the place to share photos of cats and fancy restaurant dishes.

Italy's la Repubblica fashion section featured the work of photographer Victorija Pashuta, who sought to embody each social network into a model with the help of fashion designer Jordan Anthony Swain. Pashuta told la Repubblica ,"At a time when [social media influences] every day life...I wondered what would have happen if I had transferred their traits into the bodies of real people...[and] I chose the models according to their ability to embody the spirit of the social platforms. The Collaborative photoshoot produced by Pashuta and Swain is called What If Guys Were Social Networks?  and was produced for Vanichi Magazine as a companion to the already published similar photoshoot in which women's fashions were inspired by web browsers.

How would I characterize each social network?

Facebook: mostly family and friends, debating whether or not to get into that comment thread argument with a friend of a friend, a place to share current events

Twitter: a way to directly ask questions of actors, authors, etc., a way to promote your writing/art/music, a place to spit up your thoughts that may even be too random/not popular with the facebook crowd

Tumblr: a very fun place where fandoms abound, a great place to make friends with shared interests, social justice blogs, a social media outlet that can sometimes be more personal than your Facebook (i.e. not everyone knows you have one and you'd like to keep it that way...)

Reddit: things that make you go "hmm" in a mildly interested manner, topics about everything and anything you can think of, AMAs with well known folk, a place to lurk and kill time while learning random facts

LinkedIn: your virtual resume, a place to connect to co-workers new and old, follow your favorite companies to see if they happen to post your dream job, a space to keep up to date as much as possible - I don't know how many people I've spoken to who have forgotten their passwords and don't update!

Google+: Google, Google Chrome, Hangouts, and Gmail are all great--but no one actually uses Google+ as a social media platform in the same vein as facebook (to my knowledge...) Sorry Google!

Instagram: A place to post pictures of your pets, your travels, your fashion, your food--all with filters and effects, and sometimes even with fun stickers using third party apps like pic collage. Use those hashtags to draw the interest of like-minded IGers and you'll soon be following copious amounts of cats who have their own instagrams.

Pinterest: fandom boards, food & recipe boards, fashion boards...just another place to hold visual representations of your interests and goals.

Flickr: usually for artists and photographers, a place where we can lust after gorgeous travel photography and make a post about said photography on tumblr...

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