Top 10 Pharma Apps


 Voted the # 1 Pharmacy app, this program summarizes drug information for over 1,550 medications. Features include organizing your own medications and pick-up reminders, checking medications for overlapping side effects and interactions, and compares medication costs.

Nutricare Calculator for ICU

This app is designed for healthcare professionals who work in Intensive Care Units. Nutricare uses an algorithm based on medical recommendations to analyze metabolic and nutritional needs for patients. Doctors can then select nutritional supplements and print labels.


Similar to PocketPharmacist, this app is geared toward health care professionals. Features include detailed drug information in terms of dosing, effects, and administration. Lexicomp also offers patient education materials.

Renal Chart & Patient Diagnosis

Like the Nutricare calculator, the Renal Chart calculator is designed to help physicians identify and diagnose Renal Risk in patients.


Another app intended for use by healthcare professionals, Neprocare aids in the care of patients with chronic kidney disease. This app tracks the nutritional status of patients and offers daily and weekly recommendations to meet metabolic needs.

AstraZeneca’s GRACE 2.0

Developed by AstraZeneca, this app uses a risk calculator for patients with an acute coronary syndrome and helps clinicians formulate the best treatment options for these ACS patients.

Pill Reminder by Drugs.com

In addition to being a pill reminder, this app also acts as a personal medication record for yourself and those who are in your care. Secured with privacy functions, Pill Reminder features prescription refill reminders, custom pill notes and reminders, medical information about your medications, and medication history.

My Medical

Store you and your family’s medical information in this app. This secure system allows you to store and track medical information. Other features include storing doctor and health insurance information, as well as synching appointments to the app calendar.

Celgene’s Multiple Myeloma Resource Center

Designed for healthcare professionals, this app is used to help educate patients about living with multiple myeloma.


This app helps people with diabetes manage their lives through the tracking and the monitoring of blood glucose, medication, nutrition, weight, activity, blood pressure, and much more. Users can print reports of their data to show their physicians.