Don’t Be Scared! Get Protected: Security and Privacy For Your Mobile Device

From hacked media via the iCloud to stolen information from major retailers, precarious mobile security can be a scary thing. To keep your digital fences protected, take a look at this list of privacy-protecting apps for iPhone and Android.

iPhone Apps

  • Norton Snap (Secure QR Code reader) – scans QR codes and checks to see if they’re safe; blocks malicious sites

  • Wickr by Wickr, LLC – send and receive private message, pictures, videos, and audio files; set expiration dates on messages and media; delete geo-locations and identifying information from media; clean your device completely of deleted files


  • Spash ID by SplashData – store and lock sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card data, and account numbers; secure cloud sync all safe records; automatic password generator; anti-phishing web autofill

  • Snap by 9Bit Labs, LLC – automatic sweep of the local network to find devices; shows the manufacturer of the device and any other information about detected devices, identifies outside IP addresses

  • WISE ID – encrypted storage for your data (passwords, PINs, credit cards); face recognition, dot pattern, and password authentication.

Android Apps

  • 360 Mobile Security – antivirus engine; phone cleaner; memory booster; accelerator & power saver; anti-theft; data-monitor; real time protection

  • Avast! Mobile Security – effective antivirus; low consumption of resources; remote lock and memory wipe features; locate lost phones or tablets; anti-theft protection

  • ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus – automatic scan of apps and files for viruses; quarantine for infected items; anti-theft; phishing protection

  • AVL – antivirus software; file detection; resource and energy saving

  • Avira Antivirus Security – keeps device malware-free; protects data from theft; battery efficient; remotely lock/wipe your cell