Microsoft Band & Microsoft Health

With a plethora of fitness apps and bands on the market today, the newly announced Microsoft Band, at first glance, seems to set itself apart.

Retailing at $199, the Microsoft Band is not just for the Windows phone, but is also compatible with Android (running 4.3 or 4.4) and Apple (running iOS 7.1 or 8) devices. The Microsoft Band tracks activity (fitness, resting, and even sleeping) and collects your information into the Microsoft Health cloud. Aware of fitness apps already on the market (MyFitnessPal, Runkeepers, etc.), the Microsoft Band allows users to integrate previously stored app information.

For users with the Windows 8.1 on their devices, the Microsoft Band works with Cortana for voice-activated features.

Since the Microsoft Band communicates with your device via Bluetooth, users will be able to see notifications and missed calls on the device via a tiled design display.

The component that seems to set the Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health app apart is that your fitness information is not just stored and tracked, but is also analyzed to give you thoughtful insight into your health and fitness plan.