SmartWatches: The “Old” and the New

The "Old"

Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2

Quick Stats:


-Android 4.0+

-1.6 inch display

-4 day battery life

-Bluetooth 3.0

Bottom Line: Reasonably priced with longer battery life compared to other SmartWatches currently on the market.

Moto 360

Quick Stats:


-Android 4.3

-1 day battery life

-1.56 display

-4GB internal storage/512 MB RAM

-Bluetooth 4.0

Bottom Line: The Moto 360 is one of the only traditional round face SmartWatches on the market right now. This device is more expensive than the Sony SmartWatch 2, yet has less battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Quick Stats:


-Android 2.3+

-1.63 inch display

-1.5 day battery life

-512 MB

-Bluetooth 4.0

Bottom Line: Although matching the price of the Sony SmartWatch, this device does not have as long of battery life, nor operates on the latest Android OS.

The New

Apple Watch

Quick Stats:


-Early 2015 Release


-1.49 inch display

-1 day battery life

-WiFi & Bluetooth

Bottom Line: The Apple Watch features a unique user interface design and is slated to be the next generation of the SmartWatch trend.

Pine by Neptune

Quick Stats:

-$335 for 16GB/$395 for 32GB,

-Estimated release date Nov 2014

-Android 4.2+

-2.4 inch display,

-1.5 day battery life

-WiFi and Bluetooth

Bottom Line: Although the Pine is a stand-alone device, it looks quite cumbersome and impractical.

Samsung Gear S

Quick Stats:

-Estimated cost of more than $299,

-October 2014 Release

- 2 inch display

-Tizen OS

-512 MB of RAM/4GB storage

-2 day battery life

Bottom Line: The cheapest of the upcoming SmartWatches, the Samsung Gear S is another stand-alone device. This device has a longer battery life than both the Pine and the Apple Watch. Most important, the Gear S cannot run Android wear apps.