October 16, 2014: New Releases from Apple

iPad Air 2

  • The new features of the iPad Air 2 (other than being offered in gold) include a thinner model (6.1mm), anti-reflective coating, and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Although the iPad Air 2 may not be too radically different from its predecessor, its thinness may require one to purchase new size-accommodating accessories (case, stand and clamps, etc.) The iPad Air 2 will be available for pre-order on Apple’s website starting October 17th. The device will go on sale next week and will range from $499 to $699, depending on storage amounts.

OS X Yosemite

  • Apple’s new operating system is released today and will be free for existing Apple customers. Yosemite features a cleaner re-design, while at the same time highlighting a more intuitive interface. Yosemite also seeks to merge Apple devices with a feature called “Handsoff.” When one’s iPad or iPhone is near one’s Mac, this feature will allow a user to start a program on one device, and continue on another. Yosemite mirrors mobile devices in that messages from one’s iPhone will also pop up on one’s Mac.