Google Glass

The web has been buzzing for months about Google’s newest breakthrough- Google Glass. I’ve seen pictures of the sleek new glasses, definitely not my style, but what do they actually do? Turns out, there’s so much more to them than just the innovative and modern design!

There’s a screen located in the top right corner of the glasses and a microphone with speakers directly above the ear. They respond to the simple command, “ok glass”. Personally, I’m a little skeptical on the whole voice command thing, Siri can never seem to get anything right...but people seem to like the idea, so Google’s running with it.

The more I read the more I found out what “glass isn’t”. I can’t replace my cellphone with glass, because the two must be synched together through bluetooth. I can’t watch movies or videos on YouTube because the screen is too small. Having a cell phone is simpler, it’s already working, why change it?

Saturday Night Live never ceases to amuse me. They’ve already run a skit poking fun at google’s newest product. After watching it, I started to question if glass was going to fly or flounder. I wonder, should we try to fix the glitches in the technology we have now, rather than create something new and innovative, that has the possibility of being unsuccessful?

As with all technology, however, each incarnation only get betters, and we can be sure that Google Glass is no exception. I don’t buy into the doubts and jokes made by pop culture tv. Whether or not this first run at Google Glass is a success, it’s definitely something to be celebrated. I look forward to one day owning a pair of Google Glasses; hopefully they’re more fashionable then.