Best April Fools’ Pranks


We've seen plenty of great April Fools' Day pranks over the years, from Taco Bell's announcement that it was buying the Liberty Bell in 1996 to last year's 8-bit interface from Google Maps. Google's busy at it again this year, so check them out near the end of our full list:

Netflix Unveils Incredibly Specific Recommendations

Netflix subscribers are used to categories like New ReleasesTV Comedies, and Documentaries (just to name a few), but today's suggestions are spot-on and brutally specific. I have a sudden urge to cross my arms...

Netflix3 Netflix2 Netflix1


Vimeow Pawsident Dae Mellencat (Mellencamp) wrote an open letter to users this morning declaring Vimeo dead and Vimeow very much alive. The Internet didn't really need more cat videos, but I guess we at least have a database now.


Hulu's April Premieres

Hulu teased users with a full list of April premieres for shows we wish existed, including Inspector Spacetime (a shout-out to Community) and The Rural Juror (30 Rock fans unite!). If only these were real.

Gmail Blue

"You click on the Compose button. Blue. The word Compose itself. Blue. Boldface is blue. Underline is blue. Italics is blue as well. Ocean. Sky. Blue whales."

Gmail Blue is exactly what it sounds like. Watch the video below (01:48).

Google Nose

Calling itself "the new scentsation in search," Google Nose's mobile aroma indexing program has amassed a 15 million scentabyte database of smells. This one has seemed to dupe the largest number of Internet users oblivious to their April Fools' prowess.

Check out the full landing page here. Smelling is believing.

Google Treasure Maps

Google Maps users have the option to switch to Treasure mode today, complete with a new overhead map (albeit not entirely zoom-friendly) and a visually retouched experience within Street View. It looks like the whole world has been slapped with Instagram's Earlybird filter.


Twitter Announces Twttr - A Vowel-Free Social Network

The Twitter we've all grown accustomed to will now come at a price of $5 monthly, otherwise the vowel-free version will become standard. Unknown is whether or not the usernames will change. Goodbye @BarackObama, hello @BrckBm.


Did we miss any good ones? Let us know in the comments.