World Wildlife Fund (Oasis)

Bringing the WWF Oasis into the Digital World


the challenge

Over half a million people visit Italy's World Wildlife Fund Oasis each year. The Oasis is a renowned nationwide attraction, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a pristine landscape with protected and endangered plant and animal species.

The biggest challenge was to find a way to offer iPhone users an exciting, engaging and unique look into Italy's natural world from the palm of their hand.


the solution

We needed to find a way to deliver the biodiversity of the Oasis and its 74,000 acre habitat to everyday smartphone users. We integrated the World Wildlife Fund's involvement in managing each area through its independent education programs, monitoring services, legal protection of wildlife and tourism research directly into the app to give the user a well-rounded view of the organization while they learn more about the Oasis itself.

To experience the Oasis from anywhere, you can now download the iPhone app directly from the App Store.

Available on the App Store


user features

  • Locations and descriptions of the Italian WWF Oasis (there are more than 100 to visit), with detailed information about the flora, fauna and land of each area
  • Detailed maps of the Oasis to stay current with all the WWF reserves
  • Integration with the WWF YouTube channel, delivering immediate news and events[/column3][clear]