Cool Links of the Week: June 21

A Touchscreen Accessory That Grows Real Buttons

Sure, touchscreens are great. But have you noticed how the button has quickly become obsolete over the past few years? Tactus Technologies is developing a product that essentially works as a thin layer of fluid-filled microchannels that sits on your iPhone screen, altering fluid pressure to "grow" touchable buttons that correspond with the screen's display. Digital technology has done away with a lot of moving parts in the computing world, so this is a really interesting way to bridge the two concepts without having to worry about a piece breaking.

Is This The Evolution Of iPhone's UI We All Hoped For?

iPhone users were thrilled when Apple unveiled its new notification system in iOS 5 last October, but many feel it hasn't been properly optimized. Amsterdam-based designer Joost van der Ree came up with a great idea for fixing this problem, which includes really helpful dynamic icons (called Dynamic Badges), allowing users to bypass the process of opening an app just to retrieve one or two lines of information. The home screen would play a much more crucial role, which I feel would be a great feature to incorporate into iOS 6.

Four Things That 9th Graders Can Teach You About Risk-Taking Design

This is a great read for the next time you have a few minutes to spare. A Los Angeles-based design agency paired up with a group of high school students to design a new pair of headphones, and the kids met the challenge with enthusiasm and honesty that isn't typically conveyed in the working world.

Ford Creates A Clever Bluetooth Login App


I have no idea why Ford beat Apple to the punch on this one, but I'm glad they did. This video showcases an iPhone app that utilizes Bluetooth to automatically log you in and out of your social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter when you're in the immediate vicinity of a Mac. If this app is released in the US to users without Fords, we'll never have to log in to our accounts again!

Check back next week for some more cool links. We hope you like the new featured image, by the way.