Cool Links of the Week: June 8

Could This Tiny $70 Box Be The Next Mouse? Maybe

The Leap is a new product slated to release at the end of the year. It's a little device about the size of a pack of gum that sits on your desk and reads your hand gestures with insane accuracy. You can preorder it now for only $70 -- a seemingly minuscule price to pay for endless impersonations of Tom Cruise in The Minority Report.

10 Cool Bridges From Around The World

The title says it all. My personal favorites include the Moses Bridge (pictured above) and the Millau Viaduct in France. It's refreshing to see innovative architectural design like this, especially when constructing a run-of-the-mill cookie cutter bridge or building is typically so much more cost-efficient and practical. It just goes to show how important the nuances of architecture are to our existence as a people.

Nike and Xbox Join Forces to Rebrand the Calorie

Nike and Xbox are coming together to release Nike+ Kinect Training, a new personal training game for Xbox 360 that will apparently be integrated with the Nike+ Fuelband. Attempting to rebrand the calorie will be a hell of an undertaking, but I'm curious to see how this will play out. There have already been plenty of success stories from Wii Fit's digital training programs, but Nike's plan appears to be much more intense, focusing largely on the one-on-one aspect of personal training. Personally, I feel like the concept of this game isn't anything new, but my attention will be on the success of their rebranding campaign.

Photographing Star Trails From Space, At 17,000 MPH

This is really incredible. I'm just starting to dive into photography myself, and these photos open a world of endless interest. I'm not going to distract you, so please, check it out and be amazed.

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