Cool Links of the Week: June 1

First off, I'd like to kick off this week's edition by welcoming Jillian Misner to our team! Jillian is a writing / communications intern who comes to us through The Philadelphia Center. She'll be contributing to our blog pretty frequently, so check back for her take on a wide range of tech issues over the next several weeks.

Onto the links.

Street Signs that Charge Our Gadgets

Brooklyn-based design studio Pensa is showcasing their latest idea, aptly named Street Charge, which they themselves have self-labeled as an "urban intervention". The concept makes sense -- it serves as a place to sit down and charge your phone without having to deal with a crowded Starbucks. Natural sunlight and fresh air are big pluses, but the video doesn't do a good job of translating its intended purpose. Either way, USB-enabled lamp that looks like a hockey stick would be pretty cool.

The Augmented Reality Sandbox

If you checked out last week's link on Marco Tempest's Augmented Reality TED talk, you can see that AR is pretty nuts. This link shows how a 3D camera can create a virtual sandbox that is fully interactive and responds to elevation changes in real time. The video clip blew my mind, so click through and check it out. It speaks for itself.

Astronaut Tweeting Images from Space

Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi has been tweeting photos of his space expeditions, offering an incredible view of the world as we know it. It's unclear if he's tweeting from space or not, but I'd go with the latter. I just can't imagine cell phone reception being reliable a couple hundred miles away from Earth's surface.

Stately Sandwiches

Okay, this one is awesome. Sandwich lover and Chicago design student Kelly Pratt has set out to discover each state's ultimate sandwich. Each sandwich is deconstructed and photographed against a wooden cutting board, and Kelly has done a great job making this project accessible through Twitter and Facebook too. Now it's time for lunch.