Wait… I Can Shop With This?


I am extremely daunted when I step foot into an IKEA. It’s an overwhelming experience for me. The store’s footprint is ridiculously large, and there is so much to choose from. I cannot browse an IKEA. I cannot use the special shortcut walkways to different sections. I follow the zig zag around the entire store, the path of least confusion. Despite walking the entire store, I do get in and out quickly, stopping only at the section I need to, and then I run.[clear]

Which is why I am amazed by the new ad campaign they have come up with.[clear]

The Smallest IKEA Store in the World is an innovative and mind blowing way of showing that IKEA has a solution for any sized apartment. Their ad copy notes that they have solutions for even the smallest of spaces. Smart.[clear]

I’m not sure if this site will actually drive more sales for IKEA.  But I do think it’s gotten people talking.... [clear]