the non-branded brand

I'm not a car person. But for some reason, I find car commercials extremely interesting. They are so diverse in content, style and design. They range from classy to artsy to rough and tumble. Personally, I dislike the dancing gerbils... but the 'go further' campaign that Ford has rolled out is exquisite. Ian Mackenzie should get an award for these spots. What I find most interesting is the lack of logo or brand recognition at all in the spot. It's a completely brand-free commercial. Who does that? It's unheard of, and I love it. It really does make the viewer stop and pay attention to the car. The craftmanship, the style... the car.

Unfortunately for all of us watching, the Mike Rowe 'Swap Your Ride' spots are going to stay on the air as well... so it's not like Ford is all of a sudden going luxury. They are just trying to make us all take a good hard look at their products.

Any thoughts on the campaign?[clear]