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A Timeless Classic Enters the Digital Age

the challenge

Since 1794, Hausmann & Co. has been Italy’s most renowned manufacturer of fine watches and timepieces, perfectly blending tradition with innovation. Hausmann & Co. needed a push into the digital age, so an innovative iPhone app and redeveloped web presence was the best course of action.

the solution

iperdesign, in conjunction with Engineering Solutions, created an elegant app that ushers Hausmann & Co. into the digital age. Thanks to its uniquely luxurious user interface design, the iPhone app carries all the prestige and stunning reputation expected from its existing brand.

Hausmann & Co.’s web and mobile presence got a facelift with a modern UI/UX, developed with an aesthetic that portrays the heritage of the Hausmann name and speaks to the meticulous detailing that goes into everything they do.


unique features

The home screen boasts a stylish ticking clock, which is easily accessible from the transparent menu. Users have the option to view Hausmann & Co.’s exclusive line of timepieces and their stunning collection of jewelry, while also showcasing the company’s history in five chronological steps that link the family to national and international events of significance.

social media integration

The app is fully integrated with Twitter and YouTube, and features an interactive tool that allows the user to take a photo and superimpose one of Hausmann & Co.’s timepieces onto their own wrist. The photo can then be shared through Twitter or saved to their iPhone.

The Hausmann & Co. app is now available in the iTunes Store. Click here to download — the app is free!

website development

Built in WordPress with an “elastic” framework, Hausmann & Co.’s new website is scalable and optimized for mobile devices. With the same design elegance as the app, Hausmann Online is more than just a gallery of products. The new website offers visitors an inside look at the company’s history and special features, including the highly touted assistance laboratory that offers customers a digital representation of the same high-quality service they’ve come to expect.