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The Italian Lutheran Church Goes Digital

the challenge

The official website of the Italian Lutheran Church needed to exemplify great importance and solid tradition. To effectively convey this, iperdesign needed to develop a website that reflects the identity of the church and serves as a networking hotspot between the various international communities that it belongs to. Quick access to the calendar, news articles and information about the church needed to be a main component of the website’s development without appearing too crowded.

the solution

iperdesign developed a CMS through WordPress that allows independent control of all content. Thanks to the CMS, the website now boasts more than 100 pages, 26 categories, over 200 articles, a collection of magazines, and various video and photo galleries. All content can easily be shared through Facebook and Twitter, bringing the Italian Lutheran Church to the forefront of today’s tech-savvy world. The church also benefits from a helpful feature that automatically sends weekly newsletters to its members who can choose to sign up from the homepage.

Thanks to the CMS, the website now boasts more than 100 pages, 26 categories, over 200 articles, a collection of magazines and various video and photo galleries.

establishing a community network

Through the CMS, the communities belonging to the Italian Lutheran Church can independently publish events, articles, photos, videos and magazines. One of the most convenient features of the website is the schedule — every community can publish their events according to the internal shared calendar, which can then be synchronized with your personal calendar.

The website was designed to be both modern and elegant, as evidenced by the graphics chosen and the dominant tones. The site also respects and reflects the bilingual nature of the European Lutheran community, with translations available in both Italian and German.

assistance and training

iperdesign provided in-depth training and assistance, allowing the client to take full advantage of the potential of the CMS. Users with full access can manage their website with full autonomy and freedom. With many of the websites we design and develop, iperdesign will make sure you’re completely prepared when we hand you the controls.