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Secrets of Success In the Digital Age

A newly designed App with skills for how we communicate in a modern workspace the challenge: Dale Carnegie Training realized that the best practices in business relationships have changed in this “Digital Age.” They needed to supplement their existing business apps with an updated version in line with their updated teachings. the solution: iperdesign created the Secrets of Success In the Digital Age App,...

Cangene bioPharma

Traditional Visual Aid, Non-Traditional Application the challenge: Expanding the scope of our continuing partnership with REALITYRx, iperdesign was given the task of developing brand identities and mobile apps to help drive sales of three products under the Cangene brand: Winrho® SDF, Hepagam B® and episil®. While the majority of sales collateral for the pharmaceutical industry had previously been geared towards printed brochures, posters, and various leave-behinds, we...


Paesi OnLine

Paesi OnLine: Immersive City Guides for Travelers the challenge More and more often, travelers find themselves relying on their mobile devices to navigate and search for information in unfamiliar places. The Paesi OnLine website is crowdsourced with photos, articles and comments, which would prove to be an extremely helpful tool for travelers on the go. To bring a new level of comfort...

World Wildlife Fund (Earth Hour)

Designing and Developing the Earth Hour App the challenge The lights first went out in Sydney in 2007 as a signal of solidarity to combat climate change. Spearheaded by the World Wildlife Fund, the powerful message of Earth Hour extends across all generations, classes and ethnicities to raise environmental awareness. Earth Hour has become an annual event held on the last Saturday of March and has...