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Ashley Schad

Rise of the GIF

If you are active on any major social media site, you have probably come across a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). It is said by the creator to be pronounced like the peanut butter brand Jif, but a lot of people pronounce it with a hard ‘g’ like in ‘graphics’. At the end of the day, though, it comes down to...

Buzziest (iOS) Apps – January 2016

With January now over, lets take a look at some iOS apps that created a buzz last month.   (FREE) Peach: Image courtesy of Peach In early January 2016, Peach, a new social network, arrived on the scene. Many were downloading it and creating profiles. A main feature of this app is ‘magic words,’ where by typing simple words you could post certain information....

Ads Against the World of Adblocking

Adblock Plus wrote a blog piece on their site a couple weeks ago stating that The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) barred Adblock Plus from attending their annual advertising conference. And although the IAB have allowed a similar company, Ghostly, to attend its conference, IAB’s sentiments about the browser extensions’ main function were made obviously clear. Ad-blocking is not a new concept...

Stream Wars – Which is the better streaming service?

Streaming sites have become very popular in the past couple years. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime seem to be the top contenders when it comes to stream services, but what site is the best? Which one helps perfect your binge-watching desires? Which one is giving you your money’s worth? WILL IT BREAK THE BANK? Netflix – Their basic plan is $7.99/month (with...

Top 10 shopping apps for the holidays

With the holiday shopping season about to enter full swing, there is never an excuse for paying more than you have to. These apps will help you find deals, compare prices, and often save you money on gas as you do the shopping right from your phone. 10. ShopAdvisor Available on Android and Apple iOS Keeping track of sales can be hard, but...

The 8 best features of Microsoft’s Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is looking to break free from a Windows 8 OS that received mixed reactions and generally put too big an emphasis on touch-based controls. So far, the new update has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics. And this isn’t because Windows 10 just fixes some old bugs, it adds totally new features and smartly scales back and pushes...

Top brands have increased YouTube spending by 60%

A new report from Google shows that the world’s biggest brands are investing a lot more in their YouTube channels.   According to the report, the world’s top brands, as defined by Interbrand’s 2014 Best Global Brands, have increased their YouTube media spend by 60 percent year over year.   Some of these brands include Apple, Google, IBM, and Coca-Cola.   The report cited a YouTube...

Marriott and Dallas Cowboys among the first to commercialize Virtual Reality

There was a time when virtual reality seemed like it was a technology destined to exist only between the pages of science fiction. But it may not be long before it is an everyday commodity.   These are just a few of the industries working to implement virtual reality into their plans for the future.   Television: Much like 3D once had, VR promises to...

Iperdesign creates website and platform for ItaliaCamp is now live!   ItaliaCamp promotes social innovation through the development and implementation of ideas which represent concrete answers to real questions. The association connects institutions, businesses and citizens thanks to an innovative model of civic participation, which takes full advantage of new technologies and cutting-edge tools. ItaliaCamp relies on the collaboration of numerous entrepreneurial, social, and academic institutions.   Iperdesign is responsible...

Spotlight: The Turing Phone

There’s the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy series, LG G phones, HTC Ones, and a myriad of other phones toting identical functions, and copycat designs. And then there is the Turing Phone.   Made of a material called liquidmorphium, which is stronger than aluminum or steel, the phone is virtually unbreakable.   Its components are even covered in something called a “nano-coating” making the phone...

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