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Are Bots Jerks, or Just Us?

On March 23rd, 2016, Microsoft launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) experiment on Twitter called TayTweets. Tay was built with “relevant public data” and was supposed to learn more and develop understanding by having casual conversations with fellow tweeters. However, people soon took advantage of this and began tweeting an influx of racist and sexist comments to the bot, which eventually...

Virtual Reality Rising

Image courtesy of cnet Virtual reality (VR) isn’t a new concept. In fact, a man by the name of Ivan Sutherland back in 1965 is credited for creating the first “Ultimate Display” of VR. However, if you include equipment like “Sensorama” as a likely predecessor, you can date virtual reality even farther back. But now because of the Oculus Rift, the...

The Web’s New Domain Extensions

You’ve might have noticed that within the past couple years, some sites have been shying away from the traditional .com, .net, and .org extensions and have instead began using newer ones like .tech, .space, or .photo. That’s because the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) decided that the original 22 extensions weren’t enough for the rapidly growing internet....

You’ve Got No E-Mail?

A recent report by App Annie stated that the e-mail is dying among its youngest users, those from the ages 13-24. Is this a sign that the e-mail is phasing out of use? Manoj Chauhary (CTO and VP of engineering at Loggly) thought so when he claimed that e-mail will “start diminishing in the next 5 to 7 years.”   It makes...

Buzziest (iOS) Apps – March 2016

March is now over the 2016 year, but now let us take a moment to review some of the iOS apps that created a buzz.   ($.99) Summize: Studying can be a bore, and reading through textbooks can be very time-consuming. However with Summize, all you have to do is take a picture of the text and the app will summarize the...

Self-Driving Itself to the Future

When we think of futuristic cars, our minds tend to think of the Jetson’s or Back to the Future’s famous flying automobiles. And while there have been steps to make cars like that, companies like Google and Tesla want the future of cars to be autonomous, and it might not be long before that happens.   It had been hypothesized that 10...

Sports Technology Reaching the Homestretch

Sports and technology often sometimes feel like mutually exclusive entities. Some sports have been very reluctant to add technology to their game play because many claim that sports were meant for human error. However in the last couple years, it seems that sports are finally coming around as they integrate technology into their sport houses.   image courtesy of engadget Very recently, more...



It’s only been 5 months since Instagram rolled out ads on their platform, and already the company has over 200,000 advertisers. Their ads were responsible for one-fifth of clicks for Facebook’s fourth quarter for 2015, and the volume of ad impressions has also increased by a factor of 13. Instagram has even helped companies grow, like Shore Projects – an...

No UI, No Problem

UI – short for user interface – is a big priority to designers when creating most pieces of technology. However with upcoming apps like Magic and Facebook M, it looks like companies are starting to make steps towards more UI-less devices or, as some others call it, zero UI. Zero UI is defined as being a paradigm where our movements,...

Facebook is Taking Over the World

When we joined Facebook back in the early days of the social network, we never would have thought it would have expanded into the powerhouse that they are today. If anything, we thought they would have dried out like Myspace did, but, instead, they seem to be taking over the world – at least the digital part.   We’ll admit, around 2010...

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