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Political campaigns hinge on creative logo design

Advertisers are not the only ones who slave over logos. As more and more candidates announce that they are running for president in 2016, teams are dying to find the perfect image that will propel their candidate to victory.   That may seem like a stretch, but logos are seen as just as important in the political world as they are in...

Facebook’s Creative Accelerator Program changes ads based on your internet speed

The debate that swirled around net neutrality, the web-oriented argument over whether or not internet service providers could have the ability to boost or slow the speed of content providers for extra fees or due to disagreements over content, has been little more than a quiet buzz as of late. However, Facebook has been looking for a way to reverse-engineer...

Apple Music will have to topple Spotify and more to be successful

Despite a host of new announcements made at 2015′s Apple Worldwide Development Conference, the biggest was decisively the company’s reveal of its new streaming music service, Apple Music.   Streaming services aren’t nearly as unique as they were back when Myspace had the premiere music player on the internet. That means if Apple wants to find success in a crowded field, its...

Socially-minded brands advertise themselves

It’s easy to see how America may currently be experiencing a social revolution of sorts. Debates like those surrounding gay marriage, civil and gender equality, and climate change are becoming more and more one-sided as Americans become more socially-liberal than ever before, according to a recent Gallup poll. But more importantly, young people are considerably more interested in these types of...

Tech fads society just won’t embrace

  With the hundreds of devices and gadgets that are designed every year it’s a wonder that so many of them grow as popular as they do. Still, there have been a few developments recently that society either doesn’t seem ready for, or just doesn’t seem interested in.   The Selfie Stick: A group of friends using a selfie stick to snap a photo...

Top 5 gadgets for an active summer

  Just because the summer is a time to be outside and enjoying the sun, doesn’t mean that we should take a break from our usual tech obsessions.   Here are five of the coolest summer gadgets around:   5. Hapi Fork   With summer comes picnics, barbecues, and cookouts, so while many say they pack on pounds during the winter, some of us may find it harder...

What’s next for smartphones in 2015?

With 2015 already half complete, companies remain hopeful that they can reinvent the smartphone before year’s end. Some alterations are more significant than others, but with time and a few generations, Samsung or Google could change the way we see our phones.   Here are some of the latest efforts to change the smartphone market:   Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Out Now Samsung’s Galaxy Note...

Best Apple: 2014 marked the year of the iPhone 6, new gens of the iPad mini, and the announcement of the apple watch. Google: Android Lollipop release, new nexus devices, and was even named one of the best companies to work for in 2014. Nintendo: They stepped up their game in 2014 by introducing lots of new games and peripherals such as the amiibos. Nintendo even...

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all the Hope, Wonder, and Joy that the Season can bring! Enjoy this video!

Cross-Market Branding: Ralph Lauren

When we think Ralph Lauren, we think world-renowned men’s clothing line. But what if I told you Ralph Lauren has expanded its ventures into an different market altogether: the restaurant industry. What do clothing and food have to do with each other beside the fact that you, from time to time, tend to spill food on your clothing? According to Brand...

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