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Best Apple: 2014 marked the year of the iPhone 6, new gens of the iPad mini, and the announcement of the apple watch. Google: Android Lollipop release, new nexus devices, and was even named one of the best companies to work for in 2014. Nintendo: They stepped up their game in 2014 by introducing lots of new games and peripherals such as the amiibos. Nintendo even...

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all the Hope, Wonder, and Joy that the Season can bring! Enjoy this video!

Cross-Market Branding: Ralph Lauren

When we think Ralph Lauren, we think world-renowned men’s clothing line. But what if I told you Ralph Lauren has expanded its ventures into an different market altogether: the restaurant industry. What do clothing and food have to do with each other beside the fact that you, from time to time, tend to spill food on your clothing? According to Brand...

(It) Hausmann & Co., tutto il lusso in un’app

Spotlight on: Blackphone

The Blackphone, developed by SGP Technologies, is a privacy-oriented mobile device for business or personal use. Although this device was released in March 2014, surprisingly little has been publicized about it given growing concerns of personal information breaches and identify theft. The Blackphone is the only consumer mobile device developed specifically for those who wish their privacy and personal information...

The Embodiment of Social Media

How would you define each social media outlet? Is Facebook for “over-sharers”, is Twitter for those with short attention spans? LinkedIn is a place for professionalism, while Instagram is the place to share photos of cats and fancy restaurant dishes. Italy’s la Repubblica fashion section featured the work of photographer Victorija Pashuta, who sought to embody each social network into a model with...

The Importance of Storytelling in Branding

Storytelling is a key element in any artistic medium. Good storytelling can drive your product (be it an artistic creation, an actual story, a film, a physical product, etc) to success. The same can be said when creating a meaningful brand for a company or product. In order to catch an audience’s attention, and most importantly–keep it, you...

Top Five Educational Apps for Children

It’s a fact that most children these days have a tablet, iPod touch, or mobile device. Parents may be weary of introducing a plethora of technology too young, but these five educational apps will ensure the enrichment of young minds. (Just make sure they put it away at the dinner table!) Duolingo: Learn Languages Free – Learn the basics of Spanish,...

What is “The Internet of Things” ?

Yes, you read correctly. “The Internet of Things” is actually a thing. This term describes the interconnection of embedded computing devices within the existing infrastructure of the internet. What the IoT means for most people is the ability to remotely operate a physical function or device. Take the Nest thermostat, for example. This product allows users to control their home...

Holiday Tech: Top Ten Gift Ideas

November is already whizzing by, and with it, our time to select the perfect gift for our friends and loved ones. From phones to tablets to e-readers, we’ve selected the best devices that will meet all your gift-giving needs.  DKnight magicbox ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker: $29.99, supports wireless music streaming via new Bluetooth v3.0, up to 10 hours of battery life,...

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