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Top Five Educational Apps for Children

It’s a fact that most children these days have a tablet, iPod touch, or mobile device. Parents may be weary of introducing a plethora of technology too young, but these five educational apps will ensure the enrichment of young minds. (Just make sure they put it away at the dinner table!) Duolingo: Learn Languages Free – Learn the basics of Spanish,...

What is “The Internet of Things” ?

Yes, you read correctly. “The Internet of Things” is actually a thing. This term describes the interconnection of embedded computing devices within the existing infrastructure of the internet. What the IoT means for most people is the ability to remotely operate a physical function or device. Take the Nest thermostat, for example. This product allows users to control their home...

Holiday Tech: Top Ten Gift Ideas

November is already whizzing by, and with it, our time to select the perfect gift for our friends and loved ones. From phones to tablets to e-readers, we’ve selected the best devices that will meet all your gift-giving needs.        DKnight magicbox ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker: $29.99, supports wireless music streaming via new Bluetooth v3.0, up to 10 hours of battery life,...

Top 10 Pharma Apps

PocketPharmacist   Voted the # 1 Pharmacy app, this program summarizes drug information for over 1,550 medications. Features include organizing your own medications and pick-up reminders, checking medications for overlapping side effects and interactions, and compares medication costs. Nutricare Calculator for ICU This app is designed for healthcare professionals who work in Intensive Care Units. Nutricare uses an algorithm based on medical recommendations to...

Don’t Be Scared! Get Protected: Security and Privacy For Your Mobile Device

From hacked media via the iCloud to stolen information from major retailers, precarious mobile security can be a scary thing. To keep your digital fences protected, take a look at this list of privacy-protecting apps for iPhone and Android. iPhone Apps Norton Snap (Secure QR Code reader) – scans QR codes and checks to see if they’re safe; blocks malicious sites Wickr by...

Microsoft Band & Microsoft Health

With a plethora of fitness apps and bands on the market today, the newly announced Microsoft Band, at first glance, seems to set itself apart. Retailing at $199, the Microsoft Band is not just for the Windows phone, but is also compatible with Android (running 4.3 or 4.4) and Apple (running iOS 7.1 or 8) devices. The Microsoft Band tracks activity...

Responsive v Mobile websites

In the digital age, it is imperative for any website to have mobile capabilities. Whether a website is responsive or optimized into a mobile version, the ability to translate content across devices is key in reaching your audience. What’s the difference between responsive and mobile? Responsive websites use CSS to render pages, or put simply, the website will scale with browser window...

SmartWatches: The “Old” and the New

The “Old” Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 Quick Stats: -$199 -Android 4.0+ -1.6 inch display -4 day battery life -Bluetooth 3.0 Bottom Line: Reasonably priced with longer battery life compared to other SmartWatches currently on the market. Moto 360 Quick Stats: -$249.99 -Android 4.3 -1 day battery life -1.56 display -4GB internal storage/512 MB RAM -Bluetooth 4.0 Bottom Line: The Moto 360 is one of the only traditional round face SmartWatches on the market right now. This device...

Android New Releases

Android 5.0 Lollipop The next sweet-named Android OS is upon us: Lollipop. Lollipop is all about fluidity, shareability, and flexibility, as it is easy to switch from device to device using the same interface. Perks of Lollipop include a new battery saver feature that extends device life by 90 minutes, multiple user accounts for privacy, and security options such as a...

October 16, 2014: New Releases from Apple

iPad Air 2 The new features of the iPad Air 2 (other than being offered in gold) include a thinner model (6.1mm), anti-reflective coating, and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Although the iPad Air 2 may not be too radically different from its predecessor, its thinness may require one to purchase new size-accommodating accessories (case, stand and clamps, etc.) The iPad Air...

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