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SmartWatches: The “Old” and the New

The “Old”   Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 Quick Stats: -$199 -Android 4.0+ -1.6 inch display -4 day battery life -Bluetooth 3.0   Bottom Line: Reasonably priced with longer battery life compared to other SmartWatches currently on the market. Moto 360 Quick Stats: -$249.99 -Android 4.3 -1 day battery life -1.56 display -4GB internal storage/512 MB RAM -Bluetooth 4.0   Bottom Line: The Moto 360 is one of the only traditional round face SmartWatches on the market right now. This device...

Android New Releases

Android 5.0 Lollipop The next sweet-named Android OS is upon us: Lollipop. Lollipop is all about fluidity, shareability, and flexibility, as it is easy to switch from device to device using the same interface. Perks of Lollipop include a new battery saver feature that extends device life by 90 minutes, multiple user accounts for privacy, and security options such as a...

October 16, 2014: New Releases from Apple

iPad Air 2 The new features of the iPad Air 2 (other than being offered in gold) include a thinner model (6.1mm), anti-reflective coating, and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Although the iPad Air 2 may not be too radically different from its predecessor, its thinness may require one to purchase new size-accommodating accessories (case, stand and clamps, etc.) The iPad Air...

September 2014:  Top Five Best & Worst of Kickstarter’s Technology Campaigns

Best:       1. SPOR: Solar Battery Chargers, USB Cables & Accessories SPOR is a simple, yet practical technological innovation. Developed in Philadelphia, SPOR is a solar powered battery charger for USB devices. Unlike other solar powered USB chargers on Kickstarter, SPOR is relatively small and has the ability to daisy chain without taking up too much space. SPOR is functional in any on-the-go...

September 26, 2014: New Phone Releases

iPhone 6 – International   Although the iPhone 6 is already out in the US and UK, among others, the phone’s release will now extend to 22 additional countries including Italy, Russia, and New Zealand. Full stats can be found here.   Verizon Moto X Moto X is available today in Verizon stores in two models: black or white with a bamboo backing. Customers...

(It) Apple si fa in due: iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

Wall Street Journal

iperdesign has recently been retained for strategic advisement and advertising and collateral development for the hotel and amenity division of Wall Street Journal. We are executing both online and print collateral for the WSJ’s print and digital offerings. Services provided: Web banner design/development Poster and Flyer design/development

Proud Supporter of Little League Baseball

We are proud to support local Little League® Baseball and honored to sponsor our own team: the Iperdesign Yankees.



Finding out how compatible you are with someone based on your handwriting is set to be the newest fad in Europe, and it’s easier than ever with the new Cupido app that iperdesign created. Using a special algorithm, two signatures are compared and your match is rated! With great social media sharing abilities and other fun features, this app is...


Wilton Payments

Wilton Payments, a newcomer in Merchant Payment Services, was looking for a website and corresponding collateral to promote their brand and provide a source for their existing and potential customers. They came to iperdesign with a logo and an idea of who they were. Using our vast knowledge of the European and American marketplace, we designed an easy to navigate...

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