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Top brands have increased YouTube spending by 60%

A new report from Google shows that the world’s biggest brands are investing a lot more in their YouTube channels.   According to the report, the world’s top brands, as defined by Interbrand’s 2014 Best Global Brands, have increased their YouTube media spend by 60 percent year over year.   Some of these brands include Apple, Google, IBM, and Coca-Cola.   The report cited a YouTube...

Marriott and Dallas Cowboys among the first to commercialize Virtual Reality

There was a time when virtual reality seemed like it was a technology destined to exist only between the pages of science fiction. But it may not be long before it is an everyday commodity.   These are just a few of the industries working to implement virtual reality into their plans for the future.   Television: Much like 3D once had, VR promises to...

Iperdesign creates website and platform for ItaliaCamp is now live!   ItaliaCamp promotes social innovation through the development and implementation of ideas which represent concrete answers to real questions. The association connects institutions, businesses and citizens thanks to an innovative model of civic participation, which takes full advantage of new technologies and cutting-edge tools. ItaliaCamp relies on the collaboration of numerous entrepreneurial, social, and academic institutions.   Iperdesign is responsible...

Spotlight: The Turing Phone

There’s the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy series, LG G phones, HTC Ones, and a myriad of other phones toting identical functions, and copycat designs. And then there is the Turing Phone.   Made of a material called liquidmorphium, which is stronger than aluminum or steel, the phone is virtually unbreakable.   Its components are even covered in something called a “nano-coating” making the phone...

Top 5 mobile payment options

According to New York Daily News in 2012, 85% of smartphone users said they couldn’t last 24 hours without their phones. That means that while you may forget your keys or your wallet, you probably won’t be forgetting your phone at home.   That’s why companies are constantly trying to figure out how to make payments completely digital.   Here are some of the...

Facebook redesigns logo for mobile

You probably didn’t notice, but last week Facebook unveiled a new logo.   Well, not so much new as it is improved.   The updated logo features the same white text backed by a blue background, but totes thinner letters and a rounder, shorter “a”.   These changes may seem trivial, but Facebook is no stranger to making hard-to-spot, minor changes.   Left) Facebook’s “f logo” before 2013....

Online crowdfunding offers success for any entrepreneur

There has never been a better time to be a startup company or to have an idea, period.   Thanks to the growing success of online crowdfunding, someone with an idea realizes their dream everyday.   A crowdfunding ad for the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal from 1885.   Crowdfunding has always been a legitimate option for raising money, construction for a base for the Statue of...

Top 5 Uber inspired services

Though the amateur-taxi service Uber is constantly forced into headlines about it’s workers, wages, and services, new companies haven’t stopped striving to be “the Uber of” whatever it is they do.   For the most part, nothing has ever come close to seeing the success or volume of use that Uber has, but there have been some pretty good tries.   These are five...

Political campaigns hinge on creative logo design

Advertisers are not the only ones who slave over logos. As more and more candidates announce that they are running for president in 2016, teams are dying to find the perfect image that will propel their candidate to victory.   That may seem like a stretch, but logos are seen as just as important in the political world as they are in...

Facebook’s Creative Accelerator Program changes ads based on your internet speed

The debate that swirled around net neutrality, the web-oriented argument over whether or not internet service providers could have the ability to boost or slow the speed of content providers for extra fees or due to disagreements over content, has been little more than a quiet buzz as of late. However, Facebook has been looking for a way to reverse-engineer...

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