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A Fresh Look for Gourmet Cuisine

the challenge

Terre di Puglia was born from the desire to share the culinary traditions of Italy’s Puglia region with the rest of the world. Terre di Puglia produces only the highest quality products, created to satisfy even the most discerning palates. iperdesign was approached to create an effective brand image and packaging presentation for their products. Our goal was to add a taste of modernity to its long-standing tradition in the gourmet market.

the solution

iperdesign defined Terre di Puglia’s corporate brand through logo creation and package design, along with overseeing the development of its e-commerce website. The fresh brand image has successfully achieved the goal of emphasizing the top-tier quality of its products, while intertwining the company’s rich history with a fresh twist on today’s style.

Effective logo creation and package design helped fuse Terre di Puglia’s rich history with its prosperous e-commerce website.

Branding + Packaging

The brand standards that we developed were applied to all mediums of communication, from brochures and product catalogs to high quality packaging.