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Branding a Management Powerhouse

the challenge

Improving the performance of businesses and individuals is never outside the realm of possibility. Dale Carnegie Training has used this concept to help train managers of major global corporations since 1912. Since its conception, Dale Carnegie Training has continued to update and refine its approach to meet the needs of a growing number of participants across 80+ countries worldwide.

Despite its outstanding track record and long history, Dale Carnegie Training came to iperdesign with the concern that its products were lacking appeal to the younger, more mobile demographic of today. Determined to boost its web presence and overall image, iperdesign worked closely with Dale Carnegie Training to restyle and refine its brand.

the solution

Working closely with Dale Carnegie Training, iperdesign developed a streamlined, no-nonsense brand image to reflect its modern products and services that were already online and in print. We completely overhauled the brand styling for all collateral, including printed catalogs, course materials, logo design, web marketing, advertising campaigns and interactive video presentations.

And in an effort to meet the ever-growing needs of an increasingly dynamic generation of businesspeople, iperdesign also created an iPhone application (which was also translated for BlackBerry), which rose to the top of the iTunes App Store, becoming the #1 most downloaded Business app for two weeks following its release. The Dale Carnegie Training app is now available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, with the Arabic version set to release soon.

Improving the performance of businesses and individuals is never outside the realm of possibility. The most effective brand development requires a tailored strategy and proper positioning.

Dale Carnegie now boasts a visual identity that is widely recognizable across all forms of media.

Branding + Implementation

We translated Dale Carnegie’s updated branding to both print and digital media, covering everything from printed brochures to iPhone apps. With the digital world growing more prominent everyday, it was a key focus of ours to ensure that the Dale Carnegie brand would have an exceptional digital presence, which we’ve achieved through the following projects: