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Developing the Leadership Series App Suite

the challenge

Reeling from the success of Dale Carnegie Training’s Secrets of Success app, which topped out as the #1 most downloaded Business app in the iTunes Store upon its release, iperdesign jumped right back into the game and worked side-by-side with Dale Carnegie Training to develop the three-partĀ Leadership Series app suite.

the solution

Dale Carnegie Training’s Leadership Series features three separate applications dedicated to three specific services, all of which are incredibly useful tools for professionals on their smartphones and mobile devices. Each app is streamlined for efficiency and contains distinctive sections with tips, videos and interactive activities quizzes and surveys. It’s safe to say that Dale Carnegie Training’s secrets have been revealed with the release of these three apps.

Everybody needs mobility. The Leadership Series is geared towards managers who need quick tips to lead their teams to success. No need to search for those hand-written notes — everything the user needs is on their iPhone.

three unique and successful apps:

While most believe that the ability to lead and influence a group is innate, the Leadership Series provesĀ that leadership can be learned. The three aspects of leadership we cover in each app are:

personal leadership

This app advises the user how to coach a team to its peak performance.

team leadership

This app explains why a cohesive team is essential to the proper functionality of a company, and later explains how to build one properly.

company leadership

This app helps navigate the challenge of being a top manager to effectively lead and communicate with your organization.