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Sense-Appeal Branding

iperdesign is driven by the philosophy of sensorial branding as a way to create a stronger synergy between all of the elements that express your brand. This approach combines the proven tenants of sensorial branding – engaging as many of the five senses as possible – with our 3D Process of Definition, Design and Delivery in order to encourage close collaboration with all of our clients and lead to innovative results. Within this framework, we offer a full range of digital and print services encompassing Brand Identity, Communication and Interaction.

Engaging your audience on multiple levels is one of the most important aspects of effective branding, and so we approach each project with a goal to bring in as many of the five senses as possible. This encompasses everything from the visual appeal of logos and print advertising campaigns, to considering the impact of the paper you choose for your brochure, the interactive capabilities built into your mobile Web site, the packaging that sells your product, and even the inspiration you add to your own office space or company-sponsored events.